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Rules & Regulations

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on: May 15, 2019, 12:56:06 AM
Read the Rules and Regulations carefully as going against them can get you banned and blacklisted.

*Not more than 1 FREE server per user is allowed.
*Creating FAKE accounts to request more than one server per user is not allowed.
*Constantly requesting for FREE servers after being rejected is not allowed and the user will be banned.
*Spamming posts with no meanings will cause temporary mutes.
*Posting the same post more than twice is not allowed.
*Users posting the wrong post in the wrong section will be issued with warnings.
*Users with more than 50% warning get muted automatically.
*Users with more than 20% warning get watched by moderators
*Users with 100% warning get banned automatically.
*Warning levels decrease 2% per day.
*Pardon will be issued on requests.
*Additional Services are available on requests.

Rules & Regulations can change from time to time.



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